Meet the team

Loughborough University

Thomas Jun

Professor Gyuchan Thomas Jun
Professor of Sociotechnical System Design

Co-Principal Investigator and leads Work Package 4.

Georgina Cosma

Professor Georgina Cosma
Professor of AI and Data Science

Co-leader Work-Package 2.

Panos Balatsoukas

Dr Panos Balatsoukas
Lecturer in Experience Design

Leads Work Package 3.

Cecilia Landa Avila

Dr Cecilia Landa-Avila
Advisory (former Research Associate)

Work Package 4.

Angela Crawford

Angela Crawford
Project Manager

Oversight of the DECODE project.

Emeka Abakasanga

Emeka Abakasanga
Research Associate

Work Package 2.

Rania Kousovista

Dr Rania Kousovista
Research Associate

Work Package 2.

Dr Alison Drewett
Research Associate

Work Package 3.

Navjot Kaur

Dr Navjot Kaur
Research Associate

Work package 3.

Dr Ellie Harvey
Research Associate

Work Package 4.

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Satheesh Gangadharan

Dr Satheesh Gangadharan
Consultant Psychiatrist and Visiting Professor (Loughborough)

Satheesh is co-Principal investigator, and leads on patient and public involvement and expert panel consultation.

Reza- Kiani

Dr Reza Kiani
Consultant Psychiatrist

Reza co-leads on patient and public involvement and expert panel consultation.

Amy Wilkins

Amy Wilkins
Speech and Language Therapist

Patient and Public involvement.

Sarah Rabbitte

Sarah Rabbitte
Learning Disability Nurse

Patient and Public involvement.

Kings College London

Vasa Curcin

Professor Vasa Ćurčin
Professor of Health Informatics

Co-lead Work Package 2.

Amal Khanolkar
Research Associate

Work Package 2.

Swansea University

Ashley Akbari

Associate Professor Ashley Akbari
Associate Professor Population Data Science Research

Co-Principal Investigator for Work Package 1.

University of Leicester

Francesco Zaccardi

Associate Professor Francesco Zaccardi
Senior Clinical Fellow (Cardiometabolic Medicine), Clinical Epidemiologist and Medical Statistician

Co-lead Work Package 4.

Michelle O'Reilly

Dr Michelle O’Reilly
Associate Professor of Communication in Mental Health and Chartered Psychologist in Health

Lead Work Package 4 (qualitative research).

Kamlesh Khunti

Professor Kamlesh Khunti
Professor of Primary Care Diabetes and Vascular Medicine

Kamlesh is mentor and advisor to the Principal Investigators.

Dr Sharmin Shabnam
Research Associate

DeMontfort University

Chris Knifton

Chris Knifton
Senior Lecturer in Dementia, Learning Disability, Mental Health

Project Co-Investigator, in an advisory capacity.

University of Nottingham

Neil Sinclair

Professor Neil Sinclair
Professor of Philosophy

Work Package 4 (AI usage scenarios), supporting the development of an instrument for assessing ethical concerns of usage scenarios.

Plymouth University

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Professor Rohit Shankar
Professor of Neuropsychiatry

Advisor to the Principal Investigators.

Patient and Public Advisor / Co-ordinator

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Mrs Gill Huddleston
Public Co-applicant and Support for PPI programme

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Sonal Kuchadia
Public Co-applicant and Support for PPI programme

Patient and Public Group Members

Annie Bannister

David Brown

Heidi Neville


Russell Lacey

Sonal Bhavsar

Thomas Corden

Jessica Bilson

Alix Glazier

Amar Jobanputra

Farida Joossab